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vin, traçabilité, aoc, vin blanc, vin rouge, champagne


  • No tool for monitoring production
  • In order to comply with cantonal law, everything is contained in paper registers.
  • During checks, a great amount of time is lost gathering the data requested and providing answers
  • The competition is very fierce and it’s difficult to stand out.


  • The EgoTrace solution allows winegrowers to accurately follow their production and enter production data so that, during controls, they can submit this data quickly and effortlessly in just a few clicks.
  • With our QR Code, winemakers can easily show their customers or prospects the history of their wine, down to the origin of the grape varieties used.
vin, traçabilité, aoc, vin blanc, vin rouge, champagne
wine, traceability, white wine, red wine, champagne


  • All data collected by EgoTrace is gathered on the platform and linked to production batches so that, during inspections, winemakers can provide all the information required in a few clicks.
  • A real increase in efficiency, allowing you to spend much more time in the vineyard and cellar, giving tastings and selling your wines to your customers.
  • A new communication channel with your consumers, helping retain them thanks to the transparency of the information collected by EgoTrace

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