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The EgoTrace vision

Legislation: Laws and regulations impose increasingly stringent standards and transparency obligations on companies regarding their products and their practices.

Requirements: Consumers want to know the origin and understand the composition of the products they buy.

Sustainability: Society in general encourages companies to make, respect and demonstrate eco-responsible and sustainable commitments.

Preference: Companies able to commit, then to master, respect and demonstrate their commitments reinforce their difference and generate preference.

Why choose EgoTrace?


From raw materials to the finished product, define,monitor and control in real time all your processes.


Instantly access information, speed up decision-making, simplify relations with control bodies, improve collaboration and focus on your core business.


Communicate transparently with your partners or clients and reinforce the uniqueness of your offer.


Connect your existing systems, those of the players in your field, and operate your own data.


Get exclusive access to your information and decide who you want to share it with.

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Partner – Sales Director

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Partner – Production Director

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