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The EgoTrace vision

Our vision is a world where companies provide consumers with all the evidence they need about the quality of their products, compliance with standards and the origin of materials.

Where each ‘traced’ brand becomes its own quality seal, setting it apart from the competition and inspiring consumer confidence to generate additional sales.

The platform EgoTrace does not impose any restrictions, whatever your industry. This means we can connect different industries and promote a circular economy.

We have helped many companies develop their value chain through traceability. We are at your service. Your expertise is unique – it’s time to let people know!

Why choose EgoTrace?

For better marketing

Your transparency builds consumer confidence and strengthens your USP.

For better performance

Making the most of your value chain helps minimize costs and increase sales.

A holistic vision

From raw materials to the finished product, we can offer real-time monitoring for all processes.

A "multi-sector" solution

Whatever your industry, we have the solution. This means that you benefit from the experience and best practices of other sectors.

Simple technology

Technology which is not intrusive, is based on your own data, and connects to your systems.

Your data remains confidential

Only you have access to your data. You decide whether you want to share it and with whom.

Your brand is the quality seal

Every product has a history. We give you the tools you need to prove it.

Independent company

We are a private, completely independent Swiss company.

Global application

Whatever your market or the size of your business, our traceability solution adapts to your needs.

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