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Regional brand

marque régionale, traçabilité, agriculture, local


  • Formalize and digitize our membership and certification processes by setting criteria
  • Ensure strong governance of these processes, particularly certification with external bodies
  • Provide my members with a traceability tool which allows them to demonstrate the value of their products
  • Promote my members and their products
  • Set up a marketplace allowing producers to sell their products online


  • The flexibility of the EgoTrace solution makes it possible to digitize all processes and exchanges with brand members, certifying bodies and cantonal administrative authorities.
  • The EgoTrace solution also makes it possible to formalize (i.e., monitor) criteria for membership and certification.
marque régionale, traçabilité, agriculture, local


  • Save time in managing members and quality certification, giving more time to focus on growing and promoting members
  • Ensure consistency in certification and more precise, effective governance
  • Offer members the structured, flexible and efficient EgoTrace tool, allowing them to monitor, promote and sell their products online
  • The EgoTrace solution increases regional reach.

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