Maîtriser, respecter, démontrer vos engagements

Inter-branch organization


marque régionale, traçabilité, agriculture, local


  • Formalize and digitize our membership and certification processes with criteria and controls
  • Monitor conformity of member production in real time
  • Be alerted of non-conformities and analytical results carried out by external laboratories in real time
  • Control annual production volumes in relation to quotas
  • Streamline and automate communication with my members
  • Promote my members and my quality seal


  • According to the criteria outlined, the EgoTrace solution allows you to control the conformity of members’ production, and generate alerts and reports
marque régionale, traçabilité, agriculture, local


  • Implementation of complete governance of all processes and members
  • Thanks to continuous production monitoring, the quality seal allows members to guarantee reliability of information
  • Certainty that every quality sealed product is compliant
  • Very fast responses in the event of problems with all information gathered by EgoTrace.

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