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Do you have peace of mind?

Governance and transparency to control and give credibility to your commitments

EgoTrace is the multi-domain digital traceability solution  that allows companies to obtain total transparency across their entire value chain to

  • improve their governance,
  • demonstrate compliance with their commitments,
  • reinforce their difference,
  • generate a preference.
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Traceability to reinforce trust within your ecosystem.

Egotrace traceability ensures transparency, improves governance, facilitates communication and gives credibility to your commitments with all the players in your ecosystem

What do we offer?

EgoTrace is both a management tool that allows you to better identify, better understand and better manage your value chain (governance) and a communication tool that allows you to demonstrate compliance with your commitments, inform your clients and your consumers, and to promote your products and best practices (transparency).

How does it work?

Based on your existing systems, we link and structure the available data in order to:

  • collect information from your partners and suppliers
  • gather and structure data across your entire value chain
  • organise the traceability from the raw materials to the point of sale
  • strengthen ties, facilitate communication and give credibility to your commitments with all the players in your ecosystem

A single web platform

  • Non-intrusive integration of your data by connecting us to your systems
  • Ease and speed of implementation thanks to a controlled integration process
  • Implementation of tailor-made modules, according to your needs
  • Secure hosting of your data, in Switzerland

    > Permanent and total access to all your value chain data
    > Simplified and controlled communication with the players in your ecosystem
    > Transparency at all stages of your process, from the raw materials to the point of sale

The Egotrace witness clients

Each field of activity and each region has

specific characteristics. Although our solution is
multi-domain, EgoTrace invests alongside its “witness client” to develop specific expertise for each new business sector and each new region.

This field approach allows us to acquire 
concrete and specific operational experience for each new sector and each new region of intervention. It results in the establishment of specific standards, which then benefit all future clients in the sector and region concerned.

Our witness clients are our ambassadors in their region for each area concerned: we establish a close relationship with them and develop a communication plan allowing them to stand out in their region and among their peers.

And now?


Let's make an appointment

We can give you a demonstration of the possibilities offered by EGOTRACE and define all of your needs.


Access online tools

We evaluate together the scope of your traceability solution to integrate EGOTRACE in a simple and secure way.


Expand your business

The transparency offered by supply chain traceability is a real competitive advantage. You can profit from it.


“We design and produce household linen with pure materials and neat finishes and make clear and transparent social commitments to offer our clients the peace of mind of sleeping in sheets that respect people and the environment!

Carré Blanc has chosen EgoTrace to trace its products throughout their value chainsupport our approach of total transparency and ensure that our commitments are understood, respected and verifiable!”

Dominique Durand
President of CARRÉ BLANC

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