Traceability for transparency and corporate governance

  • Control in real time all the steps along your value chain
  • Communicating with your end consumer
  • An adaptable platform for all sectors

Current trends and issues

  • Corporate governance is becoming increasingly complex
  • The market/laws are demanding a sustainable, transparent and responsible approach (CSR)
  • Consumers are sensitive to responsible purchasing
  • How do I promote my products, services and know-how in a competitive market?
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What we offer

A governance solution for your company

  • On a simple, flexible and scalable basis
  • Linked to your ecosystem (labels, suppliers, partners, employees)
  • From existing data in the company


Allowing :

  • Ensure regular monitoring
  • Involve all the players in your value chain
  • Provide proofs at all times
  • Meet quality and compliance requirements
  • Become your own label
  • Differentiate yourself

Become your own label by implementing traceability for your company

Linking data from raw materials to finished products, building on existing systems to

  • Facilitating governance in conjunction with ecosystem actors
  • Involve your employees and suppliers
  • Meeting compliance and quality requirements
  • Promote a continuous improvement approach



Set up a meeting

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Grow your business

The transparency that traceability provides in the supply chain is a real competitive advantage that can be yours.

They have already trusted us to include traceability in their value chain


“We design and produce linens with pure materials and meticulous finishes and make clear and transparent societal commitments to offer our customers the peace of mind of sleeping in sheets that respect people and the environment!

Carré Blanc uses EgoTrace to trace its products along their complete value chain, to support our approach of total transparency and to ensure that our commitments are understood, respected and verifiable!”

Dominique Durand


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