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Traceability of wool - From animal to final product

Do you know where the wool from your most recent purchase comes from? European regulations do not make it imperative to include this on the label: only the fabric composition and “made in” tag are required. With an audience growing increasingly curious about the origin and composition of the goods they buy, traceability gives them the answers they are looking for.

The origin of materials is not always enough: animal wellbeing, food and living environments are all important elements which are increasingly monitored and carry requirements.


  • How can we be sure of the geographical origin of the wool used?
  • How is it washed, and which washing agents are used?
  • How can we make sure that no sheep have been abused or mistreated, both during breeding and the shearing process?


EgoTrace has set up a traceability system for this supply chain using secure blockchain technology. It allows all the stages in transforming the raw material to be traced back by digitizing data transfers, thus certifying the origin of the wool from sheep to final product.


The traceability set up by EgoTrace makes it possible to identify individual items on the production line. In addition to ensuring absolute traceability, the use of blockchain discourages counterfeiting and builds consumer confidence. Customers will no longer have any doubts about the authenticity and origin of their purchases, and will be reassured on their values of respect for animals and the environment. EgoTrace has placed ancestral knowledge in a new value chain for the future.

  • Meet product certification requirements
  • Streamline logistics flow processes
  • Help fight fraud
  • Track transportation and deliveries in real time
  • Protect brand image
  • Add value to your product

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