Clothing manufacture

Traceability in the work, corporate and event clothing sector

Lack of traceability is a major challenge for the global textile and clothing supply chain.

With an audience growing increasingly curious about the origin and composition of the goods they buy, EgoTrace traceability gives them the answers they are looking for.

The textile industry involves many stakeholders throughout the supply chain and it is difficult, if not impossible, for a brand to ensure the effective governance of all stakeholders and the manufacturing process.

EgoTrace has a fast, effective response for these issues.


  • Protect your margins in a competitive market
  • Explain the product history simply, down to the origin of the materials
  • Justify commitment to and compliance with social and environmental conditions


  • The EgoTrace solution was set up in just a few weeks, initially with a limited scope. Very quickly, the scope could be extended without having to change the set-up, making it possible to cover 80% of the information required.
  • Linking material stock management with the traceability process.
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  • Setting product apart compared to Chinese production
  • Demonstrating value of the origin of materials and CSR standards of places of production
  • Optimizing purchases and material flows
  • Promoting and positioning products on the market
  • E-commerce opportunity with the EgoShop module


Traceability has always been on our radar: for many years we have been working in a “sustainable” way.

We therefore must demonstrate the real added value of our products, created with respect for social and environmental factors.

Transparency is essential for our customers to gain their trust.

The fact that this solution is 100% Swiss really helps, both in terms of credibility and data security.

It allows me to build trust among the market and have a team nearby to help solve my problems.

Importexa SA.

Philippe Cloux,

Managing Director and President

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Sheep farmers supply their freshly shorn wool to collection points, where it gets sorted by color and quality and pressed into bales. The wool is then scoured in traditional factories in Belgium and the United Kingdom. Plant residues, dung and lanolin are eliminated to obtain a clean, soft and homogeneous laval wool filling. Back in Baur Vliesstoffe in Germany, around 60 experienced employees with a knack for wool later take care of the production of lavalan.

EgoTrace certifies our supply chain so that we can prove the origin of our sheep’s wool to the finished product – true to our motto, “from sheep to shop.”

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