Cocoa producer in Colombia


“As an exporter of fine cocoa beans from Ecuador, our company needed to offer customers transparency on the origin of our products back to the farm, in order to prove their quality. We chose EgoTrace for ease of implementation and use, a great advantage when working on another continent. As well as identifying the origin of each bean, we can also trace every stage we run for processing beans, from harvest to sale.”

Rafael Cevallos
CEO Ecuacao, Ecuador

What are the traceability objectives for your brand or company?

Our company has two main objectives. The first is to identify the different varieties of cocoa on each farm. The second is to anticipate possible errors during each stage of bean processing: harvesting, fermentation, drying, packaging, and sales.

What I liked about the EgoTrace solution

  • Anticipating and reducing the risk of errors
  • Ability to involve all stakeholders (internal and external) in a responsible process
  • Demonstrating consistency across the value chain
  • In case of any problems: the ability to react quickly and only recall the products/lots concerned
  • Demonstrating the true value of my products
  • Enhancing the value of my profession/skills
  • Communicating with my clients in a transparent way
  • Making my brand unique


What practical advantages made EgoTrace attractive to you?

The biggest advantage is credibility for our customers in using a traceability platform from a third-party company based in Switzerland. Our company is now able to guarantee the specific variety of our cocoa beans, as well as their quality in post-harvest processing.

What I liked most about the EgoTrace solution

  • The solution is relevant to my area of business
  • I can adapt it to my specific needs
  • Responsive representatives when I need support
  • 100% Swiss solution
  • I am the sole owner of my data
  • It allows me to inspire trust on the market
  • Easy to set up without having to change anything in my business infrastructure


What concrete activities have you been able to develop since using EgoTrace?

Thanks to EgoTrace, our company is able to communicate and illustrate the unique origin of our products, which makes us stand out from other companies in the industry. In addition, we were able to strengthen ties with our bean suppliers (farmers).

  • Promote activities focused on the origin of my product
  • Communicate what sets me apart, my USP


What results have you achieved?

Thanks to the transparency of our methods, as demonstrated by the data, our company has been able to develop stronger commercial relationships with customers and we have gained an excellent reputation with buyers.

Strengths of the EgoTrace solution

  • Better relationships with my partners
  • Stronger reputation, including online

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