montres, traçabilité, luxe, cuir


  • In 2019, counterfeit luxury goods represented a loss of 83 billion euros
  • Paper authentication certificates are easily forged
  • More than 30% of consumers have bought a counterfeit product once in their life without knowing at the time of purchase


  • The EgoTrace platform automatically collects the data from your ERP and invoicing software
  • With an RFID chip, your sales team can easily introduce people to your high-end products, right down to the origin of the raw materials
montres, traçabilité, luxe, cuir
montres, traçabilité, luxe, cuir


  • Blockchain technology allows data to be centralized, giving an overview of all products and components
  • Product authenticity is obtained by a unique reference number for a tamper-proof digital file which traces the history of the finished product
  • Thanks to its RFID tag, the customer can access an evidence-based history of both the product and brand

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