Are you unsure of how to collect accurate, reliable information on the life cycle of your products?

Are you wary of overly complicated solutions?

Do you feel that no simple solution exists for small and medium enterprises with small markets?

Is your product excellent, but your customers need tangible proof and accurate information for you to win their trust?

You need a better solution today.

EgoTrace provides specialist solutions to improve your business model through traceability.

A reliable traceability system for all businesses

Lack of traceability is one of the key reasons why so many businesses fail to appeal to customers, ending up with only their price to fall back on.

We know that a major demand for customers is a visible production chain, because it reassures them in their buying decisions. With EgoTrace, you can offer the peace of mind every customer is looking for. We bring data and reliability to your value chain, while offering higher security levels and monitoring in real time.

Blockchain technology: A traceability revolution

To understand the processes a product goes through accurately, it is necessary to cross-check information provided by many stakeholders involved in the supply chain – sometimes across several different countries. Blockchain technology encrypts and identifies data, then shares it with different stakeholders in a tamper-proof, transparent way. Every stakeholder keeps complete control over their data.

In bringing more transparency to production stages, blockchain technology improves product value. Customers can be sure of what they are buying and put their trust in the brand.

A ready-to-use platform to generate transparency, trust and efficiency

A simple, secure interface for data collection with partners, whatever the source (ERP, WMS, TMS, AOM, etc.).

A global, real-time overview of the supply chain, enabling operational monitoring and secure sharing, as well as detection of and rapid response to any anomalies.

The guarantee of transparent traceability for the consumer: a token of quality and trust when deciding whether to buy.

Make your business model a success today.

EgoTrace is a complete traceability solution which supports your business growth. The following modules complement and enrich the basic platform depending on your needs:

This module makes it possible to enter the company’s carbon footprint data (provided by the client or an independent audit company), calculating distances travelled to manufacture a product, synthesising and adding value around your carbon footprint.

This module allows you to manage stocks for raw materials and finished products. Each raw material and finished product has a unique inventory number (SKU or UGS) which is attached to different stocks in different locations. The system makes it possible to manage stock movements, raw material supplier orders, customer orders, shipping, transport and more.

This module is a RESTful API (Representational State Transfer) offering a host of functions which allow two-way interactions between our platform and an external management system. This API is standard ( ), allowing you to interface with any external ERP system or other system types, provided that these allow access to online services.

This module, developed for a WordPress WooCommerce solution, enables full interaction between your e-commerce site and the EgoTrace traceability platform. The e-commerce site (including products, product variations, customers, orders, categories, tags and posts) can be managed from our platform, offering a unique user experience. This module also adapts to any existing e-commerce solutions, or can act as a complete, ready-to-use solution.

As with the EgoShop module, we have developed an interface with the WordPress marketplace solution, meaning that we can offer regional brands and labels a marketplace where all of their members can sell their traced products via our platform.

This module has functionality for managing memberships, members, certifying members’ products, and monitoring members’ production and compliance in line with the brand or label criteria.

This is a module for clinical laboratories and health organisations interacting with producers and/or brands and labels.

It enables integration with laboratory tools, in particular allowing results to be reported and triggering alerts in the event of non-compliance.

This module allows you to define a manufacturing formula and run product manufacturing in connection to this formula.

This module allows you to encrypt, identify and share traceability data in your blockchain.

Minimum results for businesses who adopt the EgoTrace solution include: