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The tailor-made traceability solution, simple and flexible for fast results!

Manage your value chain with a high-performing and easy-to-use tool!

  • Do you want comprehensive data for decision-making, to ensure the quality of your products?
  • Do you have trouble collecting data from your value chain players?
  • Do you want to simplify communications with your suppliers, partners and consumers?
  • Do you want to stand out from your competitors?
  • Not sure where to start?

EgoTrace offers a simple, flexible, accessible digital solution and a step-by-step guide to establishing traceability in your company, delivering fast results and without changing your existing systems!

A governance solution in 4 steps,
for any type of business!


  • Collect raw materials from suppliers
  • Verify their compliance and quality
  • Set standards for your various partners


  • Plan processes to achieve set targets
  • Produce 100% traceable products, compliant with specifications
  • Comply with standards set by inspection bodies


  • Process semi-finished products for selling
  • Ensure your packaging meets market criteria
  • Showcase your brand identity through packaging


  • Track and manage production stocks and orders
  • Offer products via your e-commerce site
  • Communicate directly with end consumers

“Become your own label”

Lack of traceability is one of the main reasons why many companies lose their appeal and only stand out on price difference.

We know there’s a growing demand among consumers for legibility in the production chain to confirm their purchases.

With EGOTRACE you’re guaranteed peace of mind. We bring reliability, transparency and information security to your value chain, allowing you to:

  • Provide access to information on your products
  • Express your commitments
  • Respond to consumer concerns


Add value to your products, boost consumer confidence and create preference!

Guide your business model towards success from day one

Our complete solution supports the development of your business by adapting traceability to your needs and business issues. Choose EgoTrace to:
  • Create a sustainable strategy based on traceability
  • Secure access to value-chain data
  • Guarantee the quality and conformity of your products
  • Access specific information for inspections
  • Communicate transparently with end customers
  • Add value to your brand and deliver on your commitments
Our turnkey platform includes:
  • A simple, secure interface for data collection
  • A real-time overview of your supply chain
  • Activity reports demonstrating compliance of your products
  • A mini-site valuing all manufacturing stages
  • An online sales activity management interface (e-shop)

A sustainable, innovative vision

Traceability promotes improvement
  • Governance of your value chain
  • Management of your teams and suppliers
  • Quality assurance and compliance
  • Control of processes, costs and planning
  • Reports for inspection purposes
  • Transparent communication

More transparency on the quality, origin and traceability of your products is a real competitive advantage!

Download the traceability checklist

Download a case study