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Products Epagny tracks its sausages with EgoTrace

saucisson sec Eèagny

“With the EgoTrace platform, we want to increase the visibility of our new “dry sausage grand cru” range and demonstrate that we favour short supply channels.”

Cyril Fleury, Quality Manager at Produits Epagny SA

Founded 85 years ago, Produits Epagny SA is now renowned for its typically French-speaking cured meat specialities.

With its forty or so Gourmet specialities produced according to its jealously guarded recipes, it remains faithful to the long tradition of which it is the heir. The extreme care taken in the selection of first-class ingredients and the constant control of the ripening period enable the company to produce top-quality specialities.

Established at an altitude of 800m, Epagny Products is located in the heart of the Gruyère region, at the foot of the historic village of Gruyères. Renowned for its hiking and outdoor sports activities, the region is protected by high mountains and is free of polluting industries. The air is pure and invigorating and is particularly suitable for the natural drying of salt products.


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